Airbnb - Case Study

This case study of an Airbnb site shows potential clients the value of having your own unique branded website to complement or replace an Airbnb listing. We show off the impact of fixed imagery and fun scrolling effects. We love taking nostalgic experiences and visualising them online. Like a hotel card returning to an envelope effect (or our mobile-menu flip business card on The Mahalo Creative site). If you were looking for pop-up forms, newsletter sign-on or pop-up galleries check this site out!

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Airbnb Website

Project Scope

UI Design/
Custom designed with stunning stock images. Nostalgic physical elements (hotel card) with a digital twist.

UX Design/
Easy to navigate links, call to action marketing banners (newsletter sign up)

Logo Graphics/
Branded logo images and reservation imagery

Interactive Elements/
Pop-up gallery to better view hotel features.

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